A financial advisor also needs a financial advisor. That's how I talk about Mirus to the dealers on my team. I greatly appreciate the time and professionalism that Mirus takes with me every year in controlling our family's finances. Mirus thank you not only for financial advice, but also for those about life. 🙂

Peter MacinskýFinancial consultant

The analysis helped me to orientate in what segments I have allocated investment resources, so far I only had a "rough" idea. Based on the result I can adjust the reallocation of resources in terms of strategy. The analysis of indebtedness (loans) vs. assets and cost structure (regular month / year) was also very helpful. So far, I have approached the investment sensitively and I have not really known the expenditure structure, so the analysis has made me think about it.

Igor NagyTop manager

I thank Mirus, who has opened my eyes with his repeated analysis in my previous financial illiteracy. It was only after his color graphics that I understood that my long-term financial progress in the business so far was standing on clay feet. I greatly appreciate his personal, patient and selfless attitude in explaining my financial situation. Thank you for your individual financial coaching and assistance in developing my own financial plan to meet my own long-term goals. Mirus is amazing not only as a coach and a person, but also as an excellent role model for a responsible and successful life.

Zdeno KuzmiakBusinessman

Living freely, independently and fully is the dream to many of us. And it is gratifying that if you have wise and inspiring people around you, this dream can come true. So today I know that Mirus with his clever logo (the one with the hidden thumb between his fingers) helped me to understand a lot of the essential things and to be well oriented in managing money. And I am convinced that if we take his selfless advice to heart, we will have enough "pennies" for our goals and some remaining "pennies" for people who will need it more than we do at the moment.

Rasťo BelanskýMusician

The analysis that Mirus made was a threshold for me, i.e. reflective information about where I am financially. Financial literacy, when talking about this aspect in the life of an individual, is one of the most important factors in achieving a reasonable level of satisfaction and stability. We are still working on this and other topics with Mirus.

Milan DolákMayor

Meeting with Mirus and analyzing my personal finances regularly calibrates my perspective and directs my attention in the right direction. You will not only confirm the state of your finances, but you will start to focus more on managing them and taking concrete steps that bring financial health and financial growth.

Valér PavlušEmployee